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Adam got rid of his braces.

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Trump week after next.

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Besides, the Governor said the state would also partner the corps in the area of environmental sanitation as he plans to make the state the cleanest in the country with corps members as key partners in propagating the environmental initiative.

Obaseki made this request when he received a delegation of serving Corp members and management of NYSC in the state, led by its new state coordinator, Yusuf Abdulahi at the Government House on Friday. He said that the corps member would serve as direct labour to the state in the area of road infrastructural development and impacting of skills to youths in the state. ''We will like to have more formal engagement with you as the state is emphasizing on engagement of direct labour for our infrastructure for roads. The governor promised to clear the outstanding arrears owed Corps members serving in various agencies of the government in the state and assist them in augmenting what the federal government gives for feeding during orientation programmes. Earlier in his address, the state coordinator of NYSC, Mr Abdullahi thanked the governor for his support to the scheme. Maybe because I have a family member who has a cancer but I don't think it's a good choice of words. What is there? A repetitive haunting dream to research online for a couple hours, time wasted, I knew all that, and it will just return anyway, in its time, the neurons are not my friends. A tug in the haze that, steaming out, toward nothing because there's no ship in the harbor to meet nor ship arriving through the Pass, soon steams back, but now is this side of the red channel marker. Her skipper knows what he's doing, though, she doesn't run aground. Tuesday, it's Tuesday, today is Tuesday, whoever Tue might be. Sun I've got, and Moon. Woden I've got, and Thor. But Tue I'll have to look up and not worth the bother. There are a lot of Christmas trees and decorations throughout the store and it's what? Mid February? Turns out that there's a movie crew in town shooting a film that will be sold to possibly the Hallmark Channel. People were talking about it all weekend and Leslie and her husband Kevin even got to be extras! There was also some V-Day charm mixed in: Liked this pattern a lot and bought it. Easy peasy from jelly roll strips. I just wandered around the store with my shopping bag. Did the Texas Department of Criminal Justice really contract with black-market pill dealers in India to supply execution drugs? That's the blockbuster revelation in this Buzzfeed report. " But the fact is, TDCJ really did submit paperwork to the DEA saying it intended to buy drugs from these black-market dealers. The deal fell through not because of TDCJ's rigor in contracting but because, before they could fulfill the order, the drug dealers they were working with were busted for their party-pill operation. .