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Awhile back I did a post here on Philofaxy about Agendio custom inserts.

I did a post on Plannerisms explaining how Agendio works and some of the options.

Recently I did another post on Plannerisms showing some of Agendio's new features. I'll let you read those posts to see the details of how Agendio works so I don't have to repeat it all here, because it is a lot of information! Long story short: Agendio allows you to choose your size and layout of planner, and customize it to your needs with labels, holidays, events, and loads of options. I've been dieting hard, so this felt like a feast I've been feeling really weak but still hiking hard and now dieting too. I hiked enough to earn the calories, so no worries. A few days after this hike I got the results of my Serum Ferritin test. That is pretty darn anemic. Now I'm taking even more iron and eating lots of liver and taking lots of vitamin "A". For their efforts we thank them. The Dark have refused to play nice and allow GESARA to happen. So now by the power of Archangel Michael's sword they will all be removed. Heaven or Hell. It might keep our Creator from asking us later WHY we didn't ask for MORE for HIS PEOPLE. Personally, I want to answer that I personally asked for it all, negotiated for all I could get, and that he should re-direct HIS question to the banker at the EXCHANGE. Constantly these are hitting me! Self doubts too, about not being worthy of it as well. ,The Universe and Wholeness If that doesn't tell all! This is has all been a test of our FAITH! " The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day". .