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Watch: Laughing gas epidemic Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Robert Dodson shares some audio he recorded in his research area. Dodson hits the woods every night, and has acquired some amazing audio. Watch: Underwater lake Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. The Telegraph and Argus has further info on the suggested closure of Haworth's Visitor Information Center. The battle-cry was issued this week as Bradford Council launched a public consultation over the future of its tourism service. Among those vehemently against the move is Haworth trader, Nikki Carroll. "It makes absolutely no sense to close the Visitor Information Centre," she said. "It's a ludicrous proposal. I will do all I can to oppose it and would urge other people to make their views known too. "The council was very eager in its support of the Tour de France when that came through the district and was keen to build on the legacy, plus we've seen a surge in tourists since the BBC screened the To Walk Invisible Brontë drama at Christmas. "Bradford Council should be doing more to promote tourism and bringing people into smaller villages, rather than focussing on the city centre. " And ward councillor Rebecca Poulsen said the proposal was "nonsensical". In order to get top dollar, engines need to start easily and run strong. Old fuel prevents engines from running smoothly and in some cases from even starting, both of which negatively impact the price attained on the auction block. To ensure engines that run well, NPA had been draining the fuel from each machine when it was inventoried, which resulted in large quantities of old fuel of unknown quality that continued to age and degrade. There were also two other related problems: the need to purchase fresh fuel when the machine was scheduled to be auctioned and how to dispose of the old fuel. "At National Powersport Auctions we process thousands of motorcycles, ATVs and side by sides each month. When vehicles need fuel added we rely on Star Tron additive to keep the fuel fresh. Again the latter part of the afternoon was watched the most. courtesy of singtao. cc Stephen Chow Sing Chi, director Tsui Hark and Mainland actor Kris Wu Yifan were guests on Cable's Film Montage for their film JOURNEY TO THE WEST: THE DEMONS STRIKE BACK. Everyone knew about the JOURNEY TO THE WEST characters, but Sing Yeh named "Young Fresh Meat" Wu Yifan to the role of Tang Monk. When asked for the reason Sing Yeh said, "Of course it's acting.

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I distressed the plaque for a worn appearance and added my seam bindings in both baby pink and Peacock alley.

From here I added some Cotten Candy Twine wound into my flowers. Hope you enjoy!! Hugs, Cherry. Frank Ellis somehow got a bunch of Pith Helmets and handed them out. Here am I at his place in Hugo posing with one of his Pit Show display boards.

She conducted her project on avian gut passage times to predict which bird species would best disperse seeds into degraded forest if reintroduced to Guam.

Check out the article about Kloe in the Saipan Tribune here: Strong work, Kloe!!. Jackie Gleason : "You're in the Picture" by werquin. On en retiendra qu'un seul, ou presque. en ce qui nous concerne. Top Rated Review with insane article full video and image proof. I Hope you enjoy with this Review. This is such a fun sketch that Julee created, it has so many possibilities. If you need inspiration, be sure to check out the design teams blogs for their take on the sketch. To play along, make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery.

Then leave a link to your project using the linky widget at the bottom of this post.

Please use a direct link to your Mojo post and not just your blog. Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want. As always, if you don't have a particular shape, feel free to substitute. YouTube link. Readers in too much of a hurry to spend time on a video may choose instead to browse this article at Latvian History: The four Latvian tribes differed from each other in many ways. The Semigallians are said to be mightiest Latvian warriors. That could be true because Semigallians resisted to crusader invasion longer than others did. The Latgalian kings were the richest rulers of Latvian tribes. The wooden fortress and city of Jersika was a large and proud center in Latgale. The last ruler of Jersika Visvaldis is one of the legendary ancient kings of Latvia. But the Curonians are seen as the great sailors and raiders.

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Asha on Serenity On the Plains of Doubt Lie the bleached bones of Those who, on the dawn of a Great Victory In their Lives… Lie Down To Rest. Time Will Tell. RV cannot start soon enough for these poor souls. Please push the button General Dunford so we can get to work. They need all of our help.

Its amazing that even in the worst possible situation the human spirit still shines through with hope, love, and happiness.

Of course, little coastal touches have been included but far from overdone, this beautiful home is a long way from the humble kiwi beach bach. The Hamptons depicts a quiet coastal sophistication which is portrayed in this project by Chango & Co. Chango and Co are a well respected and award winning New York interior design studio led by by Creative Director, Susana Simonpietri. Susana has headed projects for various international resorts, hotels, restaurants and high profile residences, and this beautiful beach house located in the Hamptons in Amagansett is just one of their successful private designs. If you love beach houses, you may want to visit these previous house tours the first of which is another Chango and Co project, the others are a fabulous New Zealand holiday home and a Stunning beachside home in Brisbane. Brooklyn to Waterfront - Design by Chango & Co Not your Typical Kiwi Bach - A Stunning Beachfront Beauty A Stunning Brisbane Project.

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And Trump said getting the nuclear codes was a very sobering moment for him, which is interesting because that's also the moment most people started drinking. They were very important to the early settlers of our country providing working farm power as oxen and as delicious meat for their families. Fast forward to the time of the Oregon Trail. Most Biblical narratives are historical by design. Very prosaic. There are only one or two exceptions.

The Book of Revelation, with its heavy symbolism and surrealism is in a different class.

That's in large part because it's an extended vision, or perhaps an edited series of visions.

Allegorical visions. Another possible exception concerns the genre of Job. Take the long poetic speeches. For the last several weeks he has been reporting from inside the city covering both the frontlines and the human impact as well. Here are some of his thoughts on how the campaign has progressed. Some useful lessons included how to better defend against IS suicide car bombs, one of the bigger causes of ISF casualties. We've seen the troops at the frontlines doing a much better job now of blocking off side streets so VBIEDs can't take them by surprise – something they were not doing nearly enough of in November. IS also seems to have slowly run through its supply of up-armoured VBIEDs, increasingly resorting to unarmoured ones that are easier to disable.