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 Mark had one as a kid just like it and recently found this one. I really like the Super Course, I believe it is one of the more underrated bicycles and can be restored as original or used as a black canvas for some really nice builds. I am also a sucker for chrome chain and seat stays which was not available long after this one. The Super Course is in pretty good starting shape. Marc found the original Stronlight style crank, original brake levers and derailleurs that will cleaned and polished. New handlebar tape and cable housings will also be installed. Jonathan Odom of Alabama finds a strange track while exploring an area near a dam.

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Earlier images had them bagged with header-cards, although it is unknown if the final product would be available as such. Will attempt to update on prices when they are revealed. School is out for most of the kids, and that means it's officially beach and pool season. That also means that it's time to get your kids a new swimsuit for the summer, preferably one that is both stylish and durable. Her swim friends who were on an athletic scholarship in Phuket were wearing it, and when they went back to Manila on their Christmas break, she asked them buy her some. For my oldest daughter, getting a new swimsuit is like getting new clothes kase she's almost always wearing one. This is one of her first Funkita suits. She just fell in love with the flamingo pattern when she saw it. This summer's first swim meet at De La Salle Zobel I'm so happy to find out that Funkita and Funky Trunks is now distributed locally by Funkita Funky Trunks Philippines: Neptune Actives. Now, no need to ask her friends studying abroad to buy for her anymore. Izinkondlo: Ngiyindodana Yakwa Zulu Ngiphume amehlo asebuthuntu, Bekusanenkungu ilanga lingakaphumi, Ngibhule amazolo kusaheleza imimoya ehlanzekile, Ngaye ngalunguza ngaphesheya kwezintaba, Ngalanda injabulo yezinyoni ezintathatha, Zihlabelela ngemilozi zikhwezel' uhlonze, Ngabhek' emasimini kwavuleka amathemba, Umbila ukhahlele sizodla kahle ngoZibandlela, Abadala bayivulil' indlela bawuzwil umyalezo wamakhandlela, NgingowakwaZulu mina ngiphila nabezizwe, Ezweni ngimuncinyane njengendodana engumagcina kwayo, Ngiyalelwe indlela ngatshelwa ngezindlela zokuphila, Nganikezwa isihlangu semfundo kwathiwa angisifumbathis' okwezikhali zamaTungwa, Ngiyoshaya ngaso kwenzeke imilingo njengenduku kaMozisi, Nalapho ngishaya zephukela base bethi angiyophatha ibhayibheli, Uma zingibopha izinkinga zakwamhlaba ngizobe sengibheyilela umphefumulo ngomthandazo, Ngiyindodana kamama ngivela kwaZulu mina ngiphila nabezizwe, Ngimuncinyane ngingangohlamvu lomhlabathi emhlabeni, Ngiyisithombe esinyakazayo sikhulume siphefumule, Ngihlanganiswe ngamathambo nenyama nomphefumulo, Suku nosuku ngibona okuhle nokubi, Ngifunda mihla namalanga okusha, Ngiyakhula ngyaluleka ngibe mude, Ngizalwe ngingakwazi okuningi, Ngaqala ngakhasa ngasukuma ngacathuza, Namhlanje ngiyahamba futhi ngiyakhuluma, Nyaka nonyaka ngiba mdala ngonyak' owodwa, Emuva bekukuhle ngisaphathwa, Nginceliswa ngigezwa ngigqokiswa, Emlonyeni ngimumath' inkohliso, Namhlanje konke lokho sekwaba inganekwane yobungane, Ngikhulile ngomqondo ngethambo ngaluleka, Bengiyichwane lesikhukhukazi ebesingiphandela, Saye sakhathala kwaphoq' ukuba angivule amazipho, Ngithath' ihalavu ngilihlom' ehlombe ngihlasel' ensimini ngiyohlonz' okuya ngasethunjini, Nakhona liyashon' ihalav' umanz' umhlabathi, Emuva balindele ukuba iyaphel' inyang' ephezulu, Ubhut' uzodilika namancamnce ezoxosh' ikat' eziko, Ngibambelel' esihlagwini sami ngiyofa naso, Njengente ephundlwa isomiso ifele othini, Ke mina ngiyofika ngithini ekhaya, Bangilindile ngamehl' abomvu, Botha umlilo baz' ukuthi ngiza nebhodw' elicons' amafutha, Ngizoba nabo langa linye, Ngizobaxoxela ngezamaNgisi naMabhunu, Ngiyindodana yakwaNdlela zimhlophe KaMalandeka, NgingowakwaZulu kaMageba, Ngokwenzeka kwezinto hleze ngigcine ngingabuyanga, Uma kwenzek' umhlaba ungimumatha ungenza mathamb' amhlophe, Ngiyokubavakashela ngamaphupho bonke ngozalo lwakithi, Ezindleleni abahamba kuzo ngiyokuba ibika, Ngiyokuba imbilisi yesiqatha emvubelweni yegumulo likagogo, Ngiyoba inziki kumancishana onesitshodo abayosiphuza ngomholo wezalukazi, Ngiyoshuqa emalahleni amantshontsho azobe eshiswa, Ngibe umlotha abayowulahla emva kwendlu kaguqa sithandaze, Lapho bephahl' ngelotha bayongibutha nomhlabathi nami, Ngiye ngiyohlala kahle emsamo wakithi, Ngiyokuba idlozi, Ngiyindodana yaKwaZulu ngiphila nabezizwe. .