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"Titus County Sheriff Tim Ingram and his investigators, found Wohlford's account of the alleged offense, to be suspicious as the intense investigation was underway that February morning," TCSO said in a statement posted to social media. " This hastily written, ill-conceived fiat was intended to limit the entry of refugees from certain nations into the United States. Before it was derailed in the courts, it caused undue and unnecessary consternation among immigrants, civil rights advocates, and a multitude of ordinary Americans who believed that our government was a fair and just one. " The Order's alleged purpose was to protect the nation against attack from within by Japanese Americans living in the West. Thanks to all who played along in our March Mojo Madness contest! For those of you just joining us, we have contests with prizes the first Monday of each month. The rest of the weeks we just play for fun and inspiration. 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Prayer: Father, empower me by Your Spirit to walk with You daily. Help me to get away from selfish days and to truly learn to lay down my life for Your and Your kingdom. I have a strong feeling we are at the end of this journey and about to start the next chapter. This is going to be a long post because I have a lot I want to tell you, as we prepare to move on. I opened my email this morning to write this post and there was a message from Wealth Asto-Numerologist, Tania Gabrielle entitled. "Choose Love not Suffering. It has a few bunnies with eggs but it also has this cute little chick. You may have noticed that my challenge card today has the same patterned paper. I guess I thought the leftover pieces were too pretty to toss and left them in a box of unfinished cards. The colors and fun floral pattern were perfect for my spring cards today. I brushed some clear Wink of Stella onto the eggs for some sparkle and the chick's arms & eggs were popped up! I also have a sketch for this card on my blog if you'd like to try this one. This is a great piece by Victor Davis Hanson. It analyzes the Never Trumpers, on the Left and the Right, and their extremism. He discusses the consequences of subverting the president of the United States, the talk of coup, impeachment, and assassination. "If true, that. INFO ou INTOX. Will be aired in April. To the contrary, it's specifically about selective love: what we do for friends. That stands in implicit contrast to a stranger, passing acquaintance, or even a neighbor. It's revealing to see how you filter passages through your universalism. A paradigm-case of selective love. Your file was forwarded to me by Mr. HARRISON KRUGER, and as enlisted on the file received from them, you were provided with an Appointment letter and to follow instruction for your Visa Application. However, before i proceed in processing your visa application, you should register with the Embassy first at this consulate. All of the morning and all of the night All of the hours in the darkness and light All of the elements and all of the plants All of the creatures and created can danceSo, dance in the morning and dance in the nightDance in noon time when the sun is most brightDance when you're smiling and dance when you're notDance will be healing like the medicines you've bought When you are sleeping and when you're awake Angels are singing without any break Hovering about you yes everywhere around Angels are creating a melodious soundSo, dance in the morning and dance in the nightDance in the noon time, when the sun is most brightDance when you're smiling and dance when you're notDance will be healing, like the medicines you've bought Everyone who's living and everyone who's not Is joined to each other without any knot All have the Spirit and all have the One Who gave us our being when life was begun. So, dance in the morning and dance in the nightDance in the noon time, when the sun is most brightDance when you're smiling and dance when you're notDance will be healing, like the medicines you've bought. I am not clear about what they are talking about, BUT it has nothing to do with the Currency Exchange. This might be one of them, but I don't think he has the correct info. About my people. My ancestors. My blood. Not funny. .