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Iron Workers Bank, represented by its President Mr.

It's embarrassing how truly benign and innocent people with these assets somehow can't be told the truth.

It's embarrassing the authors of this great plan are seemingly bumbling and fumbling their way to somehow executing the ever-changing plan.

It's embarrassing how currency holders have been told repeatedly to raise their consciousness, to ascend, to rise above and drop all fear when it's painfully obvious those in charge of this are scared to death to make anything significant happen. Its embarrassing how no one realizes that we'd enter full fledged battle zones with zero body armor in order to save humanity - just to have a chance at redeeming these currencies. It's embarrassing how this great country of ours has to be dragged through more disgusting, pathetic political drama in Washington DC while currency holders are powerless to spread hope to our fellow citizens whose hope is rapidly fading. It's embarrassing how these enormous funds are being released to free humanity from tyranny and control, yet we're still being treated as subservient idiots on a need to know basis. It's embarrassing how the authors of this plan are still acting like our masters. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted.

At this point the only posts I am reading are from Bruce "The Big Call" and from AdminBill because everything else has gotten simply too crazy, irrational, and/or is continually inaccurate.

It is fine for all others to post as I have the choice to simply disregard them. I don't mean them any disrespect but for me, I want to hear from Intel sources that are a bit more grounded in how I think the world operates. It is simply my prerogative. So again, much thanks, and I sincerely hope this time we don't have another ridiculous vote to cast ANYONE off the site. It's co-producer only in name, basically just her listing her name on someone else's work. .