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All'amico Maurizio Ferrara,Auguri da Eolienews e dalla famiglia Sarpi.

Watch: One string funk Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.

Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son. It applies to those who have heard the gospel and not believed, those who have not heard the gospel, and those who heard, believed, and in a believing state do not believe God. Two alleged robbers got into a shootout with a clerk at a convenience store in east Houston late Thursday. A second suspect fled the scene and it is unknown if he was shot. Police released surveillance images of the wanted second suspect. According to HPD, the case will be referred to a Harris County grand jury. m. The wounded clerk was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. Yesterday I just finished up with my last Mechanics Class for the year. I had a four hour class which was held twice with two different groups of cyclists/students. I taught them the basics of bicycle mechanics, how to tune up their bicycle, and some tricks of the trade I've learned and used over almost twenty years of being a bicycle mechanic. But what they didn't know was how much I learned teaching them. The classes were attended by more women than I expected.

I use them.

When words are spoken there are reactions, negative or positive. Either thoughts are triggered or emotions fired or actions performed. Words colour our behaviour. The quality of my photos has improved just a bit from the first pic I posted - lighting is crucial! The sofa is the same except for new slipcovers, but gone are the yellow walls. I do miss the checkerboard floor in the entry although it was difficult to keep clean. This cupboard with the top and bottom reunited is a much more practical piece for the entry. The bottom portion had been with my daughter, but she returned it and now the cupboard is an important piece for storage. I do love red, but it can overwhelm a space so now red is merely an accent color. Note, the alledged spy reported actions by businessman Trump even if true were not illegal. Trump was not then and not even yet president yet and thus not a U. S. government official. Also, the "dirty" actions by alt-right conservatives have not only been disturbing but evidence that they can no longer be trusted as credible sources and damage even the voices of other conservatives not involved in their nefarious actions. forever clayifying the most underrated hairs. & this is honestly by far one of the cutest hairs in existence. custom thumbnail. mesh by wings, you NEED t h i s. if you find any issues pls let me know here !. The incident took place in the early morning hours in the vicinity of employee housing at the Ocean Reef Resort in Key Largo. m. The female victim told investigators she and Jeremiah Kielman went to his room to get some cigarettes. Once in the room, she says he threw her on the bed, held her down, choked her and attempted to rape her. The victim managed to fight him off and escaped from the room, reporting the incident to her boyfriend, and then to Ocean Reef Public Safety. Ocean Reef Public Safety officers in turn called the Sheriff's Office. After an investigation by Major Crimes detectives, Kielman was arrested. Last night we attended Paige's last Hockey Game of the regular season. She is tied with the record holder in her High School for the most goals in a season in Girls Varsity Hockey. It was a good game and Paige's team won. She skated hard and handled the puck well. Paige has her own cheering section, she has a number of friends that don't play hockey but they make a great cheering section. They made a Paige on a stick! Far Guy and Paige on a stick My Mom…Paige's Great Grandma Paige and her Parents, Grandfather, Uncles, Aunts, Sister and Cousins. My other baby brother and his wife were also there to watch Paige play. Results showed that CB formulation slightly increased antioxidant capacity. If Hollywood reckons Donald Trump was mocking a disabled person, which he wasn't, then what on earth did they think the movie "Forrest Gump" was doing but taking the piss out of the intellectually handicapped?? Actors and actresses should stick to acting. A few of them are good at it. The way they are going, they will guarantee Trump is in the chair for eight years. I bought a new potting table. Hello new table. you look like a real work horse. The old table is going to the lower garden.

The new one is unusual.

It's from Paris and I am guessing it's an old farm table. Notice the drawer on the left without a drawer pull? The third drawer is actually on the side and has a metal drawer pull. " This guy's got cajones I thought, to go into sin city, no, the heart of sin city, drugs, prostitution and all that crime and build a spiritually driven dream. Man, I'm in! Having been from the Hef's sales school of you never take no for an answer I got myself an interview, only problem was, no car, no money nothing but a happy life to get me there, well guess what, it did. I check in droped my life's possessions, a guitar and a backpack and hit the trail. I stop one of the park attendants walking by and ask, "It's tuesday afternoon, you got live music in here today?" Yes we have a different band, twice a day, everyday of the week. " I laugh, "You did not charge me anything to get in here are all theses concerts free?" He smiles, "ya, Tony pays for it all. Oh the irony!I don't actually have writer's block. What I actually have is a deep fatigue after two back-to-back improv events. What I'd really like to do is crash in front of the TV and watch movies. But no rest for the wicked. And it would seem I've been very wicked indeed. Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images. Saturday Night Live chose to attack Ivanka Trump for her role in her father's election and presidency. Last week, her siblings Donald Jr. and Eric were targeted. This week, Ivanka came under assault. I wonder if the SNL gang is making a habit of attacking Trump's children because they believe that going after them will hurt him and get under his skin more than simply waging their war on him. Tiffany Trump will probably be the next target. I don't think they will attack Barron, especially after the Katie Rich incident. How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. You know, like the NYT has given no evidence Trump colluded with Russians. JIMMY FALLON: There are rumors that President Trump could appoint Sarah Palin as the U. S. ambassador to Canada. Palin said she's flattered but she doesn't really want to move to Europe. That's right, Trump could appoint Sarah Palin as the ambassador to Canada, which explains why now Canada is building a wall. ". Excuse me but this is a bit of a brag blog. You can see the whole magazine just follow the link. I think. ?. Anyway that is one of my paintings on the front cover and I have a two page spread within the magazine. First time I have ever been described as an artist. Still too windy for a walk on the Esplanade. Probably the same for the next few days. But bright and sunny. A staple argument for abortion is the appeal to body autonomy: a woman has ownership of her body. She has a right to control her own body. Her body, her choice. You can't justifiably force someone to donate the use of their body, even for a worthy cause. The argument has some prima facie appeal. Most of us believe adults are entitled to a measure of independence.

But by the same token, most of us don't think that's absolute.

But let's play along with the principle for the sake of argument. Zack Sabre Jr. has been spending the last dozen years creating a wholly new style of professional wrestling. location. " : ".

JohnDee immersed himself in the worlds of magic, astrology and Hermetic philosophy.

to establish a serious presence on the new continent which was then seriously thwarted by the John Dee cabal.

The New Atlantis was to be colonized to advance true individual sovereignty and high national ideals according to Bacon. President Trump will be brought up on potential impeachment charges once his executive order pen runs out. His business ethics violations will be the reason sometimes later this month and by design. He knows he will resign before that happens and claim victory over the elites. Then go back to his businesses. Create a perfect world, on a perfect earth, in a perfect universe that exist in the perfect infinite and beyond. Thousands of friends, infinite possibilities, a brilliant past, present and future. What else could I want. I went to sleep in a deep state of a peaceful easy feeling. I awoke this morning with such a clear vision of where I AM going and where I have been. I had two very different, yet very connected dreams. In the first dream, I was in an airport trying to catch a plane, there were thousands of people sitting around in the lobby and I thought there's not enough room on this plane for all theses people. .