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It feels like we are trying to learn or adjust on the fly, but I don't know that, it could just be a slow roll out strategy. Maybe both. It's not been a "shotgun start" for the ZIM, at least not here in Asia, all other currencies maybe, but those we are told will follow in the near future. So much stuff that if the crazy bus showed up to take me on a ride, I would tell them, "Sorry, I have to stay and take care of my stuff. " So over the years I got into a habit where I would collect all my stuff in one place and then would go through it. "Do I really need this?" Then followed by, "Who can I give it to?" It took about a year and I got it down to a small storage unit. Nothing. The first was a week ago today, Friday I walked in to do business and asked if they had any news on my currencies. .