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Harris County Sheriff's deputies have confirmed the dead woman found inside a Cypress home is the grandmother of one of the detained suspects. Currently, the grandson of the victim and his girlfriend have been taken into custody, according to police. "There was some blood found inside the trailer, on the back porch and after they did a search of the area they found the body of a white female," said Sgt.

Ben Beall, a Harris County Sheriff's Office Homicide Detectives.

Detectives say the body was found wrapped in a blanket in a storage shed.

They say other relatives who live at the home grew worried after they had received threats from the grandson.

"He was texting messages to family members threatening to kill his mother and grandmother, to take the car," said Sgt.


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These swatches have been photographed under 'sunlight' lamps, but some colours are still difficult to show - especially the warm yellows and oranges.

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After failing to recapture the White House for a second straight presidential election, many are not exactly in a partying mood. As Democrats prepare to mark Obama's second inauguration on Monday by bundling up along the parade route or donning party gowns or tuxedos, Republicans are spending the long Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend with quick vacation getaways, quiet time at home or trips to the movie theater. of the past few days. I actually turned on my big TV and watched it. I did miss the halftime show, but I understand Lady Gaga didn't get all in-your-face political, and may have actually entertained the hoards. Good for her. Since football is not really on my radar, I had no pigskin in that fight. I thought it was a fun game. The ads were either boring or downright ludicrous and ham-handed. my grandmother - "Big Ruth" Greetings, I want to first tell you how hard it can be to design a textile collection. But, you should also understand how incredibly challenging it can also be to name all of them - lol. During my visit to Scotland, as I put the finishing touches on the SMW Home textile collection, I spent one final night in Edinburgh before flying back to the states the next morning. That last evening I spent most of my evening scribbling down possible names for each of the textiles in the collection. Obviously the clan tartans are named for the clans - but, there was so much more to deal with - So let me tell you a bit about 'Big Ruth'. Big Ruth Paisley in Coal My maternal grandmother was named "Ruth. " But, so is my first cousin. So all of my life we have had 'Big Ruth' and 'Little Ruth. ' My grandmother - or Big Ruth - was an endlessly chic hostess in the city in Alabama where she lived. The difficulties in learning more about the mother of Joel Campbell's children were discussed in Part I of this series. At the least, it would give additional leads on where to focus genealogical searches. Read and you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! Dear Restaurant Manager,We are British family working and living in London United Kingdom. My name is Humphrey Ward.

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